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Wat is totalitaire dictatuur: is a acedemic study into totalitarian dictatorship.


Intuitively we would say that democracy and dictatorship are completely different. But after reading Plato's book 'the state' I started questioning this idea. Plato warned us for democracy, the form of government which we all so intensely love. He stated that democracy is the only form of government which can, by it's own principles,  transform itself into a dictatorship. Beside Plato didn't like the idea that anyone could become a leader of a country.


When you translate these points of critique to our time both aren't as unlikely as they seem. Hitler was chosen democratically and started a dictatorship, with quite some support of the people. For his second point counts that we could say that our American friends suffer from the fact that any idiot could get into power. Both realisations shocked me, so I indulged myself into reading Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt. In this book Arendt looks into the contemporary form of dictatorship: totalitarianism. She did this by trying to define what makes it different than any other form of government.


These differences define the totalitarian attitude which is comprised of traits which I tried to define. Second I searched for ways they could fit into the democracy format, resulting in some very confronting conclusions.


To be able to grasp whether we live in a totalitarian dictatorship I made the Totalitaire Rubric, which is a evaluation system with which you can define whether en to what extend you are part of a totalitarian dictatorship.


You can buy the book for 7,50 euros at my publisher  Wilde Raven