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The Grensverlegger van het Jaar 2018: (Boundasry Shifter of the Year 2018) is a yearly competition organised by the Union for Transgression to test and give an impulse to the humans transgressive capabilities.


This year the task of the competition is to fill in a form, the Transgressionform, which is an abbreviation of the European Damage-Form which is widely used to document clashes in the public realm in which damage is registered; for example car crashes.


The form is meant to subvert the idea of damage into a change-making power. It asks people to rethink situations that at first glance merely cause damage, and to see the potential for change those situations offer. The forms helps to reflect on those situations.


The competition was launched during a retrospect of the Grensverlegger van het Jaar 2016-award at VHDG in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.


If you want to partake in the competition, please send an email to: and a copy of the push-through form will be send to you for free.


Photos by Marin Leus.