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VHDG - Voorheen de Gemeente

Vrijdag 29 juni 2018. Locatie: H47, Haniasteeg 47, Leeuwarden. Inloop: 20.00 uur Start programma: 20.30 uur. Entree: 5,-


"Verleg je grenzen in deze zomereditie van HEDEN – Een debat over staatsgrenzen, kunst die grensoverschrijdend gedrag verheerlijkt en een verkenning van de grenzen tussen feit en fictie in het persoonlijk en het collectief geheugen."


Lezing: Henk van Houtum is hoofd van het Nijmegen Centre for Border Research (ncbr) aan de Radboud Universiteit en professor Border Studies aan de University of Eastern Finland. Hij publiceerde onder meer Grensland en Eerlijke nieuwe wereld.


Tentoonstelling & Interviews

Eef Veldkamp maakt geen schilderijen of sculpturen, maar ontwikkelt organisaties. De door hem opgerichte Vakbond voor Transgressie zoekt naar de grensverleggers in onze maatschappij. In 2016 reikte hij de ‘Grensverlegger van het jaar Award’ uit aan de hand van een kleurplatenactie waar men binnen én buiten de lijntjes mocht kleuren.


Vera Mennens geeft ons een inkijkje in haar onderzoekende kunstpraktijk. Met het werk The events between the events verkent zij de grenzen tussen het persoonlijke en collectieve geheugen en tussen feit en fictie in heden en verleden.


In de schilderijen van Meg Forsyth spelen hekwerken een belangrijke rol. Het hek of de muur is een ingreep van de mens om grenzen fysiek te maken, omdat grenzen in de meest fundamentele zin een menselijk construct zijn. In de publicatie ‘Fences’ schrijft Meg Forsyth over de etymologie, de onderliggende betekenis en de functie van hekken.

On Saturday, 24th March 2018, from 11 am to 1 pm on Regent’s Canal, London (between Little Venice - Paddington, and Camden Lock - Camden Town), a collective of five artists working in conjunction with Goldsmiths, University of London, will enact a performance entitled ‘DICTATOR(SHIP)’. It will be a carnivalesque ‘Ship of Fools’ of imaginary dictators forced to flee from their countries seeking protection as if they were refugees. An exhibition produced by the artists will showcase an installation and a set of video documentation that generates reflection around power, oppression and refugees. It will run from Sunday 25th to Wednesday 28th March 2018 at St. James Church exhibition space at Goldsmiths University.


The project was inspired by research on the history of Haiti, in which cultural mediums such as ‘KANAVAL’ play a significant role in political and social protest. It comes in the context of Donald Trump recently calling Haiti and other Caribbean and African countries “shithole countries”. The work asks what role art can play in terms of generating awareness around these issues? Does it have the power to raise questions and open new debates?


Playing with the satirical and subversive nature of the carnivalesque medium, the artists will dress up as imaginary dictators. They will wear self-designed fanciful and ironic hybrid costumes, which mix political and dictatorial aesthetics with the artists’ personal re-interpretation. During the performance the artists will enact a set of prepared and improvised scenes, in order to establish an interaction with the audience. The exhibition installation conceived by the same artists will be showcased alongside other art installations and projects, all inspired by Haiti.


A panel discussion led by the curator Erica Capecchi, will be held on Monday 26th of March from 4 - 6 pm. This will include Dictator(ship) artist Eef Veldkamp, Fiona Compton (independent St. Lucian photographer and artist), Julie Angeyo (founder of Anydawe Children and Family Welfare Association), Alessandra Cianetti (live art curator and founder of performingborders) and Xavier De Sousa (independent performance maker, curator and producer).

Nacht van de Dictatuur is a programme at the Balie in Amsterdam in which dictatorship is investigated as a counterpart of democracy. With multiple speakers, academics and artists a focus will be laid on contemporary dictatorship and threats in today's political landscape.


I will be partaking by publishing and spreading the Totalitarian Rubrics, which is rubrics with which you can determine whether you live in a totalitarian dictatorship or not. This rubrics is based on a reading of Hannah Arendt's Origins of Totalitarianism.


You are invited to partake in the evening of the 9th of September 2017 from 20:00 until, of course, deep in the night. You're welcome at De Balie in Amsterdam.


For the complete programme, please see the  website of De Balie or the Facebook event.

Onzijn is a exhibition at WOW Amsterdam curated by Jurgen Bey. He invited 11 artists or initiatives to design a project which engages in social practises. Every participation artist has a domain and a counter-artist, in our case Job Koelewijn, to work with.


Our project 13,80 M3 can be seen here. It's a wooden prison cell in which you can lock yourself up for eight hours, in exchange you will receive two free nights stays in the hostel which is based at WOW. Real prisoners are invited to send letters to this cell.


The exhibition can be seen every day of the week, from the 15th of October 2016 until the 15th of Januari 2017.

Common Grounds: Sunday the 18th of September 2016 during the art-festival 'Common Ground' at museumpark Oriëntalis in Nijmegen there will be a art-route through this very interesting and weird park. It's erected in 1911 by a Christian pastor who wanted to offer people that could not go on pilgrimage the chance to experience the life of Christ anyway.  Today the park consists of multiple 'fake' villages which are based on Christianity, Islam and Judaism and it offers a really weird view on how we perceive other cultures and religions, which is, mostly in our time, very interesting.


Depending on the route you chose to walk the artworks will engage in the dynamics of these villages and the meaning they carry inside them, though the eye of the beholder. New and existing artworks of Bas Overbeek, Line Francken, Johannes Kronenberg, Bonita Witte and Eef Veldkamp can be found in the park.